Wireless & Security solutions for the UK Waste Recycling Company

Company Background

A leading waste recycling company in the UK sought to modernize its wireless infrastructure to improve connectivity and enhance security for employees, contractors, and guests. The company aimed to implement a robust wireless solution that included guest access management, secure employee connectivity, and mobile device management for contractors.


1. Wireless Connectivity: Provide secure and seamless wireless access for employees, contractors, and guests.

2. Enhanced Security: Implement advanced security measures to protect network access and data.

3. Mobile Device Management: Manage contractor mobile devices effectively to ensure compliance and security.

4. Scalability and Manageability: Ensure the solution is scalable and easy to manage.

5. Smooth Handover: Ensure a smooth transition and handover to the IT team.


To achieve these objectives, the company decided to adopt a comprehensive wireless solution using Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for network access control and AirWatch for mobile device management. The solution included configuring a guest wireless splash page, setting up a secure hidden SSID for employees, and managing contractor devices. Additionally, firewall rules and switch VLANs were configured to segment network traffic and enhance security.

Implementation Steps

Assessment and Planning:

Conducted a thorough assessment of the existing network infrastructure.

Identified specific requirements for guest access, employee connectivity, and contractor device management.

Developed a detailed implementation plan, including timelines and resource allocation.

Cisco ISE Deployment:

Deployed Cisco ISE to manage network access and security policies.

Configured a guest wireless splash page to provide secure and user-friendly access for visitors.

Implemented 802.1X (dot1x) authentication for employee wireless access, using a hidden SSID to enhance security.

AirWatch Mobile Device Management:

Deployed AirWatch to manage contractor mobile devices, ensuring compliance with security policies.

Configured device enrollment, application management, and security policies in AirWatch.

Integrated AirWatch with Cisco ISE to provide seamless access control based on device compliance status.

Network Segmentation:

Configured VLANs on network switches to segment traffic for employees, guests, and contractors.

Implemented firewall rules to control and secure traffic between different network segments.

Ensured VLANs and firewall rules were optimized for performance and security.


Testing and Optimization:

Conducted extensive testing of the wireless network, including guest access, employee connectivity, and contractor device management.

Optimized configurations to ensure seamless connectivity and robust security.

Addressed any issues identified during testing to ensure a smooth deployment.

Training and Handover:

Provided comprehensive training sessions for the IT team on managing Cisco ISE, AirWatch, and the new network configurations.

Developed detailed documentation covering all aspects of the solution, including configuration, management, and troubleshooting.

Conducted a final review and handover, ensuring the IT team was fully equipped to manage and maintain the new wireless infrastructure.


Secure and Seamless Wireless Connectivity:

Employees enjoyed secure, seamless connectivity through the hidden SSID and 802.1X authentication.

Guests accessed the network easily via the splash page, with secure and controlled access.

Contractors had their mobile devices managed effectively, ensuring compliance with security policies.

Enhanced Network Security:

Cisco ISE provided robust network access control, ensuring only authorized users and compliant devices could access the network.

VLAN segmentation and firewall rules enhanced network security, protecting sensitive data and resources.

Improved Manageability:

AirWatch enabled effective management of contractor devices, ensuring security and compliance..

Centralized management through Cisco ISE and AirWatch simplified policy enforcement and monitoring.


The solution was designed to scale easily, accommodating future growth and additional users or devices.

Smooth Handover:

The IT team received thorough training and documentation, ensuring they were fully prepared to manage the new infrastructure.

The handover process was smooth, with no disruption to business operations.


The waste recycling company successfully modernized its wireless infrastructure, enhancing connectivity and security for employees, contractors, and guests. The adoption of Cisco ISE and AirWatch provided a robust and scalable solution, ensuring compliance and effective device management. With a smooth handover and comprehensive training, the IT team was well-prepared to manage and maintain the new wireless network, positioning the company for future growth and innovation in the waste recycling industry.